Special Needs Mat

Promat’s Special Needs Mat provides exceptional comfort and safety for your maternity, hospital, and calving cows or your bull pen. Promat’s rubber crumb filled mattress provides the foundation layer of the Special Needs Mat. The rubber crumb is contained within interior baffles to ensure the crumb performs optimally. It is designed to not spread or become dished out. It provides excellent softness and repetitive force absorption.

  • Requires minimal bedding
  • Provides stable footing
  • Durable and shock absorbent
  • Perfect for your special treatment cows
  • Maternity pens
  • Calving pens
  • Hospital pens
  • Custom sizing available
  • Warranty: 3 years

System Components

Top Cover

Promat’s patented, industry leading top covers ensures moisture protection of the mattress system while providing an easy to clean, durable and comfortable surface from your cows.

Rubber Crumb Filled Mattress

Provides a soft and durable foundation to our Maternity/Calving Pen system.