Comfort Mat

The Comfort Mat has been designed to deliver the ultimate comfort experience for cows. It relies on a high-density memory foam Comfort Pad instead of a mattress and foam. Typically 3" thick, the high-density memory foam provides excellent impact absorption and industry-leading comfort and support.

  • Specifically engineered, high density 3” (7.62cm) foam ensures long life and maximum comfort
  • Plastic moisture barrier maintains integrity of the foam
  • Pressure relieving foam promotes improved circulation
  • Tapered end provides for runoff and easy cleaning
  • Free Stall
  • Tie Stall
  • Available in 1.5" (3.81cm) and 3" (7.62cm) options
  • Warranty: Free Stall - 3 years, Tie Stall - 2 years

System Components

Top Cover

Promat’s patented, industry leading top covers ensures moisture protection of the mattress system while providing an easy to clean, durable and comfortable surface from your cows.

3” High Density Memory Foam

Specifically engineered high density foam enclosed in plastic moisture barrier provides ultimate comfort and superior traction.

Poly Pillow and Base

Recommended for use in all free stall systems to help position the cow and maintain a clean stall.