Announcement - DCC Waterbeds Joins the Promat Family

Location: World Wide

Date: Sep 5, 2023

Promat is pleased to announce to their valued dealer and customer network that we have reached an agreement with Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc. (ACT) to acquire their DCC Waterbeds portfolio and bring their product line to Promat effective September 1, 2023.  This move strengthens Promat’s portfolio of cow mattress solutions, reinforcing Promat as a world class leader in animal comfort.

Promat has been supplying animal mattress solutions since 1991.  With a primary focus on dairy cows, Promat’s proficiency in animal comfort has expanded to the equine and megafauna species industries over the years.   Promat plays an instrumental sustainability leadership role in its reuse of tire rubber in the production of its Pasture Mat and Pack Mat with a distribution network serving more than 52 countries globally.

Located in Wisconsin, USA, ACT has been recognized for providing a number of long-lasting, comfortable, low-maintenance cow comfort solutions. From their signature product, Dual Chamber Cow (DCC) Waterbeds, the only dual-chamber cow waterbed, to a line of mattress covers, mattress systems, flooring, and installation hardware, ACT focused on helping dairy producers build successful farm operations with comfort, durability and value in mind.  Promat is excited to extend its cow comfort solution offerings to include DCC Waterbeds.

Given Promat’s expertise and knowledge in the movement and ergonomics of dairy cows, the addition of the DCC Waterbeds portfolio is a natural extension and fit. 

We will be updating our product list, along with our website, in the coming weeks.  AND we will be “making a splash” with our new line of waterbeds at industry events this fall!

We know you are as excited as we are to be able to further demonstrate our commitment to animal comfort! 

Please let us know how we can serve you with our animal comfort solutions!


Andy Jenkins

General Manager, Promat, CGW Canada Inc.