Pack Mat

The Pack Mat has been designed as a deep-bedding alternative for producers who want the comfort, productivity, and animal health benefits of a deep bedded sand system without the work and operating costs that come with it.

  • Sand usage decreased 50-70% compared to deep bed
  • Reduction of sand-laden manure issues
  • Better cow positioning and cleaner stalls
  • No digging and better occupancy
  • Legs and udders as clean as deep bed
  • Free Stall
  • Available in lengths of 54" (137cm), 60" (152cm), 63" (160), 66" (167cm) and 72" (183cm)
  • Warranty: Free Stall – 3 years

System Components

Top Cover

Sand is placed over this top cover. Reinforced poly fabric allows for more breathing.

Rubber Crumb Filled Mattress

Provides a soft and durable foundation to our Pack Mat system.

Poly Pillow and Base

Recommended for use in all free stall systems to help position the cow and maintain a clean stall.